Wilford Woodruff Sees a Sign in the Winter Skies

The following is an account recorded by Wilford Woodruff while on his missionary journeys in Bangor, Maine in 1838 with James Townsend.

“On the evening of the 21st of February, as we came out of the schoolhouse [where he had preached that day], a light appeared in the northeastern horizon, and spread to the west and soon rolled over our heads.  It had the appearance of fire, blood, and smoke, and at times resembled contending armies.  The heavens were illuminated for the space of half an hour.  It seemed at times as though the veil was about to rend in twain and the elements were contending with each other.

“We looked upon it as one of the signs in the heavens predicted by the prophets of old, as to appear in the last days.  We were wading through deep snowdrifts most of the time while witnessing this remarkable scene.”

Wilford Woodruff, Leaves from my Journal, p. 50

Is it possible that many signs of the times have already taken place, that we mistakenly still await?

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